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Sustainability lies at the heart of BSI’s strategy and our future focus. Upholding our Royal Charter, BSI has always been dedicated to creating a positive impact on people and planet.

BSI is in the forefront of developing new standards in the areas of sustainable finance, energy transitioning, race to net zero and decarbonisation, and many other areas, in collaboration with the UK Government and other institutional, industrial and community stakeholders. We enjoy a unique position, working with our clients to help them further their own contribution to the UN SDGs, offering assurance, regulatory, training and consulting services relating to important standards in areas such as Circular Economy, Sustainable Procurement, Energy management, Carbon Footprint Verification, and Social responsibility.

Examples of BSI in action in India:

  1. Supporting Tata group to build a sustainable future

The second largest tea company in the world, Tata Global Beverages has a US$1.4bn turnover and 3,000 employees worldwide. BSI supports them to place environmental issues at the heart of the organisation with certification to ISO 14000. Denise Graham, the company’s Technical Manager, said: “Certification is sometimes required by customers in our industry sector, and they show we are serious about following best practice, not just paying lip service to it. Certification also stands us in good stead with food industry regulators, as we can prove easily that we’re meeting – exceedingly even – the standards required.” BSI’s support has a positive impact on their operation. “BSI provides very clear guidelines and timeframes, making helpful observations at every stage. They don’t have tunnel vision and take a holistic approach.”

  1. Helping to reduce excessive working hours for a global footwear producer. BSI supported the supplier of a leading global footwear brand to identify the cause of excessive working hours at one of its sites, which the company believed was linked to high worker turnover. BSI developed and delivered an improvement programme that strengthened critical thinking and problem-solving skills, enhancing management systems as a result. Over time, we helped the supplier to properly understand the root causes of the issue and to address it in a systemic way. Key to that was understanding the drivers for staff turnover and the creation of a retention strategy. During the year-long project, BSI provided on-site, online and telephone support via its Supplier Compliance Manager (SCM) workflow and reporting platform. The programme reduced annual worker turnover from 18% to 3%, decreased production defects and rework, and enabled the supplier to re-establish its control over working hours, improving employee wellbeing.

At BSI, we have developed the ‘Sustainability Evaluator’ for organisations to help them to  achieve their sustainability goals. The tool enables businesses to identify their sustainability challenges across different themes, regardless of sector, and helps them achieve the higher levels of understanding and ultimately, performance, through information, training, consulting and certification/verification solutions against internationally recognised standards.

In addition to the case studies shared above, BSI has played a significant role in supporting several organisations, such as Profine India, in their efforts to achieve international quality and environmental standards. Another example is Wanda Commercial Management Group, which achieved the BSI Smart Cities and Sustainable Communities Kitemark. With the support of BSI, major companies like J.K Tyres, Tata Consumer Products, Hetero Labs, Jockey Group, Nexus Mall, and many others have been able to enhance their performance, ensure compliance, and create a more sustainable future for all.

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