Quick Guide: Modi’s Campaigns

In our quick guide, we look at Prime Minister Modi’s many campaigns as we approach the penultimate year in his first premiership

(L-R) Rt Hon Patricia Hewitt, Chair, UKIBC and Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India 2

“I am seeing a new India, the India of the dreams of the youth. A new India that fulfils the aspirations of our women. A new India that is about opportunities for the poor… The poor are saying, I want to progress and I seek the opportunity from you.”

These were the words of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in March this year, as he celebrated his Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) overwhelming victories in assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakand.

The Prime Minister is set on ensuring his pledges for a “new India” are not just empty words. To this end, he has signalled his determination to enact transformative change on the country through the creation of several different campaigns – each with unique aims, and each a major step towards creating a ‘new India’.

Since coming to office, Mr Modi has announced the creation of no less than six such campaigns – all tasked with bringing about significant change in their specific fields. They include:

  1. Digital India
  2. Make in India
  3. Smart Cities Mission
  4. Start-up India
  5. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan 
  6. Skill India

In this feature, we examine the campaigns, and how each will come together to bring Modi’s vision of a ‘new India’ to life.

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