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The UK India Business Council believes passionately that the UK-India partnership creates jobs and growth in both countries, and that UK and Indian businesses have ideas, technology, services and products that can succeed in India and the UK respectively. Through our insights, networks, policy advocacy, and market entry services, we support businesses to achieve this success.

The UK India Business Council supports businesses with the insights, networks, policy advocacy, services, and facilities needed to succeed in the UK and India.

Our first-hand experience of entering and growing businesses make us uniquely qualified. We want to share our experiences to help others achieve success whether they are well-established in India or in the early stages of their engagement.

Working with the both Governments and other influential and connected partners, we ensure business interests are conveyed. The UK India Business Council seek to influence decisions that will make it easier for UK businesses to operate in India and vice versa.

For those seeking practical advice, our talented team provide a range of sector-specific research, market entry and expansion services that help businesses understand – and take – the opportunities.

For those setting up operations in India, we provide an unrivalled network of government and business contacts, service providers, and our specialist staff to support business success.

Our Membership network is at the heart of our support. Through our wide variety of events and our member-only Sector Policy Groups, we enable businesspeople to meet each other, identify potential partners, suppliers and customers, and to learn from top business leaders and commentators, including those on our Advisory Council.


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