Case study: Perkins

The objective…

Perkins has well-established operations in India. As part of its regional growth strategy, Perkins was interested in creating a broader footprint in India and the appropriate strategies to capitalise on the opportunities. Thus, Perkins was interested in strategic evaluation of opportunities in the Indian energy sector by analysing as-is scenario and government planned or emerging strategies regarding investment. 

The challenge…

Increase customer base across the energy sector covering coal, gas and oil, hydro, nuclear, renewables and other fuel-based power generation in India.

  •  A) Mapping data for planned capacity additions in the energy sector from 2019 until 2024
  •  B) Mapping data for planned energy efficiency improvement projects through 2019 – 2024 

The solution…  

UKIBC supported Perkins India on this strategic engagement by conducting an energy opportunity assessment in India and setting out a cogent strategy that identified the addressable market opportunity.

The result…

Perkins was able to comprehend the energy industry, the policy context, and anticipated investments in energy generation across fuel categories.

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