Digital India

This flagship programme has the central aim of creating a knowledge economy and good governance in India

It is the Prime Minister’s view that policies promoting the spread of high-quality digital products and services can certainly go a long way to deliver rapid business growth, innovation, and investment across the economy.

There can be no doubting that this vision of a Digital India is a powerful one, which has the potential to thrust India head first into a digital age that looks set to encompass more and more aspects of everyday life as we move forward.

In a country the size of India, innovative business applications and public services delivered digitally hold huge potential for the economy, but Modi’s establishment of this campaign, is in some ways, a response to the fact that the pace of development thus far has been too slow.

Digital India aims to invest $16 billion into the support structure including communications and other public infrastructure. In India’s new industrial hot-spots, such as the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor and in its Smart Cities, this infrastructure will satisfy the demand for high-performance connections, reliable data centre support and high-quality services.

Further still, the government’s demonetisation policy – announced unexpectedly in November – has contributed to a rise in digital banking and cashless transfers – making further progress towards Modi’s dream of a Digital India.

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