Case study: T Forrest

The objective…

T Forrest is a well-established pet food manufacturer. A family business with a long history and tradition in the marketplace. T Forrest’s objective was simple: To scale the business.

The challenge…

It became clear that additional manufacturing capability would be needed to realise growth ambitions. It also became evident that further expansion of its UK manufacturing base was:

  •  A) not cost-effective  
  •  B) not geographically advantageous to create international access to further markets. 

The solution…  

UKIBC validated the investment would be profitable though local supply chain evaluation, once validated we were able to support in the create the subsidiary.  Once the legal entity was formed we were able to move on to location analysis, recruitment of the companies India Head and ensured all the necessary regulatory approvals were received.

The result…

The key objectives were: to begin production within 9 months or maximum of 18 months. T Forrest were able to begin production within 18 months, despite the challenges of undertaking the process during a pandemic. T Forrest are a strong advocate of the UKIBC based on their overall experience through the lifecycle of the project.

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