What you need to know about Modi Government Reforms

Natoya Sylva |

The webinar analysed the following:

  • Doing business in India – latest changes in FDI reforms and assessing the Ease of Doing Business in the nation.
  • Manufacturing – reforms, success stories from the ‘Make in India’ campaign and the limited progress made by the labour laws.
  • Food inflation – the rising inflation in retail and the measures to control it.
  • Trade – the reforms needed to boost trade relations.
  • Fiscal reforms – the positives and negatives of the FY16-17 Union Budget, including the upcoming GST Model.
  • Infrastructure – with 32.20 trillion of budget allocated to infrastructure, we look at how it is being spent.

Why watch this webinar:

  • Understand new reforms and legislation in detail.
  • Discuss how the Government’s reformist agenda has affected doing business in India
  • Consider how the reforms are impacting the UK’s trade and investment flows.
  • Get your questions answered by industry experts.

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