University of East Anglia and University of Hyderabad

As representatives of their Universities, Dr Daniel Rycroft (UEA) and Prof Prabhakar Rao (University of Hyderabad) have sought to redefine, update, and nurture University Social Responsibility in terms of its scope, meaning and relevance: in such a way that it shall become an accessible and valued policy-driver for future Higher Education collaboration across the India-UK corridor.

Together, UEA with University of Hyderabad have been working on University Social Responsibility in India starting in 2019. The project convenors organised a series of policy dialogues and academic sessions on University Social Responsibility in India and Beyond. These informed their jointly authored guidebook on ‘University Social Responsibility: From Dialogue to Implementation’. They produced this in direct association with the UKIBC in March 2020, making specific reference to the UKIBC’s MoU with the Government of Telangana.

Outlining how and why the UK’s prosperity agenda resonates regionally in terms of social inclusion and sustainable development, the MoU and the guidebook both anticipate prolonged investment in the state. The work will also influence how the universities and academics involved not only envisage but also commit to new partnerships and teaching on USR.

As convenors, Rycroft and Rao have developed new opportunities for two key motivations to flourish in the near future: (1) to strengthen cooperation between universities and businesses, especially on the evolving nature of social capital, social sustainability, and social responsibility; and (2) to ensure that strong and workable connections exist in universities, as well as between universities and marginal communities, that link Higher Education policy on University Social Responsibility to academic practice, whether in respect of local or global contexts. A jointly implemented USR responsiveness programme will assess how and where these motivations are gaining most traction and impact.

UEA and UoH are thereby working towards SDG 4 (Education) and SDG 17 (Partnerships for the goals).

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