Seizing the Opportunity: Doing Business in India

India has positively transformed in the last decade, spurred by world-leading economic
growth. The country is home to one of the world’s best start-up ecosystems, the latest
technology and R&D, world class infrastructure, unmatched scale, and a hotbed of talent.
This Report is designed to highlight the new India that is a key destination for global

To help readers grasp the opportunities offered by India and better understand the
business environment, this report features UK businesses already established in India to
give prospective market entrants an honest assessment of India today and its future

We spotlight innovation and best practices from market-leading companies who use India
as a stepping-stone to other high growth nations. We consider the various motivations for
foreign companies to look to India: a source of talent, a hub for manufacturing, an R&D
base, and a place to innovate and scale. Business leaders also share insights on their
experiences in entering and operating in India and their reform priorities.

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