UK India Business Council Congratulates Prime Minister-Elect Keir Starmer and the Labour Party for their victory in the UK General Election

By astha and Richard McCallum

UK India Business Council Congratulates Prime Minister-Elect Keir Starmer and the Labour Party for their victory in the UK General Election

London, July 05, 2024: The UK India Business Council congratulates Prime Minister-elect Keir Starmer and the Labour Party for their victory in the general election. We also extend our congratulations to all Members of Parliament for winning their seats in the House of Commons.

With elections in the UK and India recently concluded, and both Governments with fresh mandates, this is an ideal opportunity to refresh and expand an ambitious India-UK partnership.

Ahead of the UK poll, the UK India Business Council released a report, making recommendations for deepening the bilateral economic relationship, entitled Partnership for Growth. The report recognises India as an increasingly important geopolitical player, a major economy, and an invaluable partner for the UK.  The UKIBC recommends that the new UK Government:

  • makes a long-term commitment to India by establishing a “2047 Partnership Programme”, collaborating on India’s journey to being a developed nation.
  • swiftly concludes the FTA negotiations.
  • creates a well-resourced framework to catalyse more R&D collaboration, involving our universities and businesses, to solve global challenges like climate change, healthcare and food security;
  • strengthens the defence and security partnership; and
  • brings clarity to individuals, businesses and universities by making a long-term commitment to the post study work visa rules and, secondly, securing a two-way Labour mobility agreement.

Richard McCallum, Group Chief Executive Officer, UK India Business Council, congratulated the newly elected government, “on behalf of the UKIBC team I would like to congratulate Prime Minister-elect Keir Starmer  and the labour party for winning the General Election. We are looking forward to working with the Prime Minister and his ministerial team to strengthen the UK-India partnership.

There is tremendous synergy between the UK and Indian economies. By prioritising trade and investment, rapidly concluding the FTA, smoothing the two-way flow of students and workers, and deepening R&D collaboration, we can collectively deliver stronger economic growth in both countries. This will create jobs and prosperity in India and the UK as well as being a force for global good.”

About the UKIBC

UKIBC is a policy advocacy and strategic consulting not-for-profit, with a mission to grow the UK-India trade and investment. To do that, we provide strategic and practical support to businesses and universities to explore, enter, and expand in both markets.

We want to help more UK businesses to uncover opportunities and succeed in India.

Business looking at the India opportunity need to develop a strategy based on factual market insights, and then implement that strategy. The UK India Business Council has the knowledge, networks, and people to help do this.

UK-India collaboration creates prosperity and jobs in both countries, and UK and Indian business have ideas, technology, services and products which improve lives. We work closely with the UK and Indian governments, the devolved administrations, England’s city regions, and State governments across India. We believe a strong UK-India economic partnership is a force for positive change globally.


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