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The UK has undoubtedly deep and strong economic ties with India. UK finance and industry are well placed to help India grow. Specifically, the UK India Business Council believes that the UK has unique commercial and technical expertise, and the willingness to deploy it further, in order to help India meet the next decades coming challenges. In line with this, it is crucial that the UK identifies and establishes areas of closer collaboration with India.

It is here that Insight India comes in. Published every six months the UK India Business Council sees this new platform as allowing UK Plc and India Inc to demonstrate why the UK and India represent, in Prime Minister Modi’s words, such “an Unbeatable Combination”.

“Insight India” is an entirely new concept in international publishing. The publication and its allied events and website ( represent the definitive guide to bilateral trade and policy developments between the two nations.

Insight India delves below the surface and offer real pointers to help you understand what is happening within India. It highlights UK-India business opportunities and challenges, profiles success stories, and carries in-depth interviews, spots trends and offers insightful analysis from business leaders, experts and policy makers.

Insight India’s distribution of around 10,000 copies, online and in print, is entirely “market-facing”, reaching public and private sector clients both in India and the UK, utilising UK India Business Council’s relationships with both the British and Indian Governments to ensure we reach ministers, civil servants and their departments as well as our extensive network of director level contacts across the UK and India. We also work with an extensive network of trade associations and bodies, in the UK and India to secure distribution and visibility in both nations.

Published every six months, the magazine is read by Chairmen, CEOs, senior business people, decision makers in companies operating in or looking to do business with India, government officials and young professionals.

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