A Bright Future: India’s ambitious net zero targets create opportunities for innovators and changemakers

India is moving forward in its mission to achieve net zero by 2070. It is reducing its greenhouse gas emissions, improving air quality, and enhancing its renewable energy capacity. All this is happening at a phenomenal pace. At the same time, India’s GDP is growing faster than any major economy in recent years, and growth is projected to continue into the next decade and beyond.

A cornerstone of India’s development strategy is a determined shift to manufacturing, under the ‘Make in India’ initiative. The country is growing its manufacturing output and energy usage, while concurrently making it cleaner and more efficient.

Manufacturing is, traditionally, a major cause of carbon emissions. In India, there is powerful policy support to use innovation and technology to transform the way things are made, to reduce the impact of the process, and to deliver solutions that are less harmful to the environment. This is happening across all areas of industry — from traditional activities such as agriculture to aviation, automotive and energy storage. No part of the massive Indian economy, now the world’s fifth largest, is unaffected.

In this UK India Business Council report, we highlight examples of how Indian and UK businesses are collaborating in a host of industries.

And yet, there are many more UK businesses that are still to enter the Indian market. This report aims to show these manufacturers that India is a place where businesses can flourish in a fast-growing economy with robust demand for advanced technologies.

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