Opportunities in the Indian Aerospace and Defence Industry

UK India Business Council, with our partners KPMG, have come together to produce this significant report on opportunities in the Indian Aerospace and Defence Industry.

India has one of the largest defence industrial complexes in the developing world, yet the country continues to be overwhelmingly dependent on arms and equipment imports. This low level of indigenisation means India spends billions of dollars each year as one of the world’s biggest arms importers.

Defence and Aerospace remains a critical sector for India – and for the success of key Government schemes like Make in India. Government initiatives have been focussed on adoption of modern technology in the defence sector, while developing indigenous manufacturing capability.

At the same time, a flourishing Indian defence sector requires increased foreign technology transfer and foreign investment in India which will ultimately lead to co-development and co-creation of capabilities which can meet not just the needs of India but also be exported to third countries.

Accordingly, in association with KPMG, the UK India Business Council has compiled a list of opportunities in the Indian Defence and Aerospace industry.

You can view the report, including an overview of India’s defence manufacturing sector, key reforms and opportunities, in full using the link below:

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