Modi Government Progress Report 2016

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The last two years have been eventful for both UK and Indian politics, with both countries’ political, social and economic landscapes changing.

May 2016 saw the culmination of two years of Modi Government – a crucial milestone, given the expectations raised and promises made. While in the first year the Indian Administration was brimming with optimism and confidence, the second year saw setbacks alongside success.

Meanwhile, June 2016 saw the UK referendum and the nation’s decision to exit the UK. Brexit will make the UK’s relationship with world-leading countries, including India, even more important.

Consequently, the UK India Business Council decided to produce the Modi Government Progress Report to capture and relay the views of both UK and Indian businesses on the progress made by the Government of India and its impact on the UK-India economic relationship.

The contents of the report are derived from research, discussions held at seminars, roundtables, as well as interactions with senior government and business figures.

The report covers

  • A background summary.
  • UK business views on Modi Government reforms.
  • Policy and regulation – the hits and misses.
  • Reaction to 2016’s Indian budget.
  • Great examples of UK investment in India
  • Key takeaways for UK and Indian businesses.

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