Launchpad™: FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How will my business benefit from the Launchpad Service?

The Launchpad service allows you to evaluate and reassess your marketing strategy in India before committing to any long term and /or permanent presence in India. This service is a low risk, cost-effective and simple way to help take your business over to India.

How established is the Launchpad service?

With the support of UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) UKIBC began offering Launchpad in September 2013. Launchpad™ is a trademark of UKIBC India Private Limited which owns all right, title and interest therein in India.

What is the process for Launchpad recruitment?

Once you have supplied UKIBC with a job description we make sure you get the right person and handle the entire recruitment process for you from end to end.

Do we have to identify the Launchpad Consultant or can the company put a known candidate into the Scheme?

It is not a pre-requisite of Launchpad that the company must go through the recruitment process. However, we advise you to keep an open mind about it. UK India Business Council strongly recommends an external recruitment process.

How long can we stay in the Scheme?

The Scheme is designed for one or two years, but we can renew Launchpad for longer terms some companies do stay longer.

What if we do not wish to renew for a full year as we are about to set up our own business, but need a bit more time?

After the first year payments may proceed on a pro-rata basis, in 3-month blocks, of course we can facilitate the transfer of you Launchpad consultant to your pay roll at the end of the contract.

What happens if our Project Manager decides to leave?

If this happens, UK India Business Council will re-recruit. During this time, the Launchpad management fee is frozen.

Does the company have any employment related liabilities in connection with the Launchpad consultant?

The company does not have any legal employer liabilities, since the employer is UK India Business Council.


If you would like UK India Business Council to help launch your business in India, then contact Tushar Chaudhary UK India Business Council’s Head of Launchpad and Client Relations by emailing or calling direct on +91 124 4537808

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