UKIBC support for international students coming to the UK

By Kealan Finnegan

It has been reported that the UK Government is considering restrictions on family members from joining 1-year masters students entering the UK, as a means of controlling net migration.

The UK India Business Council is clear that we fully support and value international students’ contribution to the UK, not least those coming from India.

Talent and human capital are essential to any economy and the movement of people between our countries is of benefit to both nations, enabling us to share skills, knowledge, and innovation. Moreover, the living bridge of people is exactly what makes this bilateral relationship so special.

These students contribute positively to the academic and research strength of the UK’s HE sector and to life on campus. They also benefit the UK more widely, bringing specialist skills to the workforce; setting up new trade links, building soft power for years to come, and spending in local economies up and down the country.

UK universities are committed to working with Government to understand the issues surrounding the arrangement for dependents accompanying international students and to find constructive solutions.

At the same time, it is important that international students have clarity on the rules and that the UK government restates its commitment to the  immensely positive graduate visa route, which has proven beneficial to the UK economy, popular with Indians, and which has created positivity in the critically important India-UK relationship.

The UKIBC will continue to work with our members in both countries and with both Governments in support of the movement of students between our countries.

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