UKIBC Briefing Note – The Business Case for a UK-India Data Garage

The Business Case for a UK-India Data Garage

Grounded in extensive interactions with Government and business across the UK-India corridor, the UKIBC has prepared this Briefing Note to facilitate consultation on the promising future of the UK-India Tech Partnership.

A Data Garage is a ‘’virtual innovation” facility that enables participants seeking to deliver digital innovation to share and process data between the UK and India in a discreet environment according a common governance framework of shared sandbox protocols.

Businesses in both the UK and in India want to do data-based scientific research and commercial technical innovation with each other. This is key to the success of the India-UK Tech Partnership announced by Prime Minister Modi and Prime Minister May in April 2018. The opportunities from combining the UK’s AI expertise and capital with India’s immense data cache, tech know-how, and ambition are unrivalled. Yet businesses crucial to driving this currently operate under a cloud of “FUD: fear, uncertainty and distrust”. The current lack of mutually accepted roadmaps on governance, IP, proper data protection, GDPR equivalence, and navigating market risks act as real access barriers.

With the right approach, a UK-India joint Data Garage, appropriately located, can give businesses of both countries the confidence to access localised data and to collaborate and deliver advanced data analytics projects and programmes. A shared set of predetermined procedures and protocols agreed between participants within the Data Garage ensures commercial confidence and incentivisation, whilst maintaining the high quality localised data protection compliant with GDPR, Indian Personal Data Protection legislation, and other related measures, thereby reducing regulatory arbitrage.

This briefing note is the second in a series based on the in depth report, ‘Data: The Foundation of Intelligent Economies‘ on India’s data protection and the future of the UK-India Tech Partnership published by UKIBC in March 2019. Our first Briefing Note, ‘The Business Case for India’s Personal Data Protection Bill‘, can be found here. For information about our digital advocacy and wider work visit or get in touch with our Digital Sector Manager, Meghna Misra-Elder at

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