Beyond the Top 200 – Effective International Collaboration for Indian Higher Education

To achieve its social and economic ambitions, India needs engineers, data scientists, teachers, healthcare professionals, urban planners, architects, managers, social workers, pharmacists, environmental scientists and a whole range of other professionals on an unprecedented scale. It is clear India needs a Higher Education system that provides sufficient high-quality graduates across all sectors.

The government of India recognises this, and, through reform of its higher education policy, is seeking to enhance the system’s capacity to produce high-quality graduates on a more consistent and widespread basis.

There is an important role that UK higher education institutions can play to support this goal, not least in partnering with Indian institutions, and it is encouraging to see the government, in its draft policy, making provision for foreign institutions to play a role.

This paper builds on the UK India Business council’s March 2018 report on ‘India’s Higher Education Policy‘, and sets out a model for India’s collaboration with foreign HE institutions in a way that matches India’s social and economic priorities with the best curriculum from across the world.

By looking beyond the global ‘top-200’ universities, Indian higher education institutions have the potential to form strong and effective international relationships that deliver across the four pillars of excellence, equal access, expansion, and employability. This is what India will need on the path to becoming a 21st century superpower.


*This edition of ‘Beyond the Top 200 – Effective International Collaboration for Indian Higher Education’ was published in November 2018 after slight updates were made to the first edition of the report published in October 2018


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