Art of the Possible: Including India in their supply chains lets companies achieve scale, agility, and innovation

Where in the past, companies sought speed and efficiency, many now look for resilience. Where cost was once a driver, innovation is taking precedence. Agility is the Holy Grail. Frugality has become a virtue. Businesses are reassessing their balance of risk and reward. Many think tanks, advisors and business executives see India as part of the answer to these challenges.

A huge, fast-growing, rapidly-urbanising and business-friendly market excites many business folks. Its complexity instils fear in others. The country’s geographic location makes it appealing. Competitive higher education institutions turn out cohorts of highly trained and innovative engineers, sought after by companies looking for scale. There’s a deeply rooted mindset, a super power perhaps, which makes the most of limited resources, and finds innovative solutions to tricky problems. The art of the possible is thriving.

This report looks at how India is rising to the challenges of 21st century advanced manufacturing and its potential role in global supply chains. It spotlights innovation and best practice from market-leading companies who use India as a steppingstone to Asia’s other exciting markets. It considers the various motivations for foreign companies to look to India as a market, source of talent, hub for manufacturing, and place to innovate and scale. Business leaders who are already reaping the returns share their unique perspectives.

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