Webinar: Managing Performance and Productivity during Lockdown

By Emma Lynch

On 26 May, UKIBC partnered with Maier+Vidorno (M+V) for an informative webinar discussing how to effectively manage performance and productivity of both your staff and suppliers during the current lockdown.

UKIBC Director Chris Heyes chaired the discussion with Samriti Parashar, Head of Executive Search at M+V, Deepmala Datta, Market Expansion Expert at M+V, and UKIBC Director Rohit Singh.

Deepmala began the discussion by distinguishing performance and productivity, which have become further aligned and clearer in the current situation. This in turn has meant that performance management systems – already in need of improvement – are being reviewed. In addition, with more employees working from home, managers are engaging with their teams more often and showing more compassion towards them.

The actions we take now will have an impact on the next few years and it is crucial that employers listen to their employees’ needs. The future of work will be technology driven and leveraging technology now to research performance management will provide clarity on best business practices.

Rohit followed, addressing how to manage partners and suppliers. As companies rely on partners to deliver business needs, it is important to understand the extent of COVID-19 on your partners’ business. With the Government of India’s recent announcement of its economic reforms package, businesses should be checking whether their partners are covered.

Communication is key with technology and digital routes becoming paramount. Companies may need to consider alternative business practices or partners if their current ones are not suitable to adjust. Rohit encouraged listeners to make use of UKIBC’s new diagnostic business offering, which includes a free consultation.

Samriti concluded by discussing changes in recruitment processes and how to retain staff. She also noted at this point how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted industries in different ways. For example, the healthcare and life sciences sector have been incredibly busy with the production of face masks and sanitisers. Video conference providers and the e-commerce sector have also seen an increase in the number of consumers. At the same time, there are industries which have not been as successful during the current situation, such as aviation and hospitality, which have faced job cuts and loss of revenues.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has begun to play a larger role in recruitment to evaluate candidates since employers are unable to meet in person to analyse body language etc. for themselves. This AI will provide employers with key data to help them make informed decisions for hiring staff, particularly during lockdown, when looking at the key traits they want in candidates such as trustworthiness, productivity, and self-reliance.

In order to retain employees during this time, companies should consider a few guidelines: making an effort to understand the psychology of employees; providing support and making employees comfortable; enforcing a work from home policy; creating timelines for projects; and continuing to engage with employees through regular communication and online team activities.

We would like to thank our expert speakers for providing clarity on such an important topic during this time. If you were unable to join us on the day, we invite you to watch the webinar below for the insights in full.

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