UK fashion brand QUIZ Clothing launches on ecommerce platforms in India

By Subhayu Ray

UK award-winning fashion brand QUIZ Clothing has launched on major ecommerce platforms, Amazon and Flipkart, in India with support from UKIBC.

UKIBC Associate Director, Subhayu Ray, said: “The Indian fashion industry is poised to grow to GBP 90 billion by 2026 and the second largest category bought by consumers in country. The digitally active India, with 650m active social media users and 200m e-commerce consumers, offers a great opportunity for renowned British fashion retailers like QUIZ Clothing to communicate its brand proposition to target consumers more effectively and leverage extensive distribution reach of the thriving e-commerce ecosystem in developing the online business. QUIZ’s stylish clothing range is in sync with Indian fashion trend, and it was the right time for QUIZ to enter India digitally riding on the back of the surging demand from the 3rd largest online shopper base in world. Absolutely delighted to be a part of QUIZ’s India journey.”

QUIZ Clothing International Business Manager, Keith Austin, said: “We’re thrilled to be entering the Indian market at this stage in its growth, and we look forward to offering our stylish and affordable clothing options to the fashion-savvy women of India. As India’s love for fashion continues to grow, Quiz Clothing is excited to be a part of this journey and provide the latest trends and styles to its Indian customers. The brand values inclusivity, diversity, and empowerment, and its friendly and engaging voice is all about celebrating fashion together.

We thank our partners at UKIBC for their support in navigating the process of entering the Indian market. And we are committed to establishing distribution channels to brick-and-mortar stores and additional e-commerce platforms to maximize our market coverage.”

The UKIBC is really pleased have been part of the successful launch, on which we worked hand in hand with our partners at Ad Yogi to support QUIZ’s market entry, and look forward to supporting QUIZ to expand across further platforms and grow its footprint in India.

You can find QUIZ Clothing’s products now available in India via Flipkart and Amazon.

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