UK Defence Industry submissions reflected in MoD’s Defence Acquisition Procedure

By Bharat Raghuvanshi

On the 28th of September, the Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh unveiled the Defence Acquisition Procedure (DAP) – 2020. The DAP provides the guidelines for all capital acquisitions to be made by the Ministry of Defence including the Armed Forces.

UK industry submissions have been recognised by the Indian Ministry of Defence to have played a key role in formulating this new policy. UKIBC gathered valuable insight and feedback from UK industry on procurement and how it can be improved, leading to an even greater collaboration between the UK and India in the Aerospace & Defence sector.

After consulting our Aerospace & Defence Industry Group (ADIG), UKIBC collated, consolidated, and submitted feedback to this policy after it was shared for public comments in May 2020 by the Indian Ministry of Defence. UKIBC has also been recognised in the press release by the Indian Ministry of Defence as a key stakeholder whose inputs were considered and incorporated in the latest iteration of the DAP.

The purpose of UKIBC’s ADIG is to enhance UK-India strategic cooperation, drive improvements and efficiency in India’s defence acquisition process and to foster longer term technology and hardware transfers between the UK and India.

UKIBC provides a voice for UK business in India, helping the Government of India achieve a better understanding of our collective interests and corporate UK’s contribution in India.

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