India: An investment hotspot – for good reason

By Siddharth Mukne

The pandemic brought about unprecedented challenges to economies worldwide, disrupting supply chains, causing economic contractions, and leading to increased uncertainty among investors. Geopolitical conflicts and tensions between countries have also added to the volatility and unpredictability in the international investment landscape.

Despite these disruptions, India has emerged as a stable partner and an attractive investment destination for multinational investors.

A recent Economic Times report showed a surge in interest from companies looking for support in developing and implementing an India entry strategy. The live discussions between the UK and India on a Free Trade Agreement as well as increased media attention on India’s growth story such as the recent space launch (Chandrayaan-3) is also adding to interest from UK and global companies.

Another recent survey – carried out by EY and CII – revealed that India’s rising investment attractiveness has created many opportunities for MNCs in the short and long term. There are several reasons that contribute to India’s appeal as an investment hotspot:

  • Resilience during the pandemic: India’s economy rebounded relatively quickly in certain sectors. The government’s rapid response and efforts to the pandemic crisis helped to stimulate the economy.
  • Large and growing market: India boasts the world’s highest population and a growing middle class, making it an attractive market for companies looking to expand their consumer base.
  • Favourable demographics: The country has a young (average age 29) and increasingly skilled workforce, which is advantageous for businesses seeking talent and labour resources.
  • Economic reforms: India has undertaken significant economic reforms to improve the ease of doing business, promote foreign direct investment (FDI), and encourage private sector participation in various industries.
  • Government initiatives: Various government initiatives, such as Make in India and Digital India, have been launched to support and attract foreign investments. Production linked incentives in key sectors such as EV`s, Electronics and Semi-Conductors are also having a positive impact.
  • Abundant resources: India is rich in natural resources, offering opportunities for investment in sectors like agriculture, mining, and renewable energy.
  • Technology and innovation: The Indian tech industry has flourished, attracting investments from global tech giants, and becoming a hub for innovation and start-ups.
  • Infrastructure development: The Indian government has prioritised infrastructure development, presenting opportunities for investors in sectors like transportation, energy, and urban development.

In addition to the above, companies are re-developing a “China+ 1” strategy to diversify supply chains and de-risk processes.

However, while the India story is a positive one, it’s essential to note that while India offers great potential, it also presents challenges and complexities that investors need to navigate. UKIBC provides tailored support and expertise so that businesses can enter/expand into this lucrative market successfully.

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