ICT and Telecom meeting with DIPP

By Divya Dwivedi

As part of our ongoing ease of doing business campaign, the UK India Business Council's ICT and telecom sector member companies met with DIPP on 20 August to discuss ways in which the Indian regulatory environment could be improved in order to improve ease of doing business and lead to greater growth of the ICT and Telecoms industry.

Central to this is the firm belief that digital partnerships between UK and Indian companies, with the assistance of the newly formed India-UK Tech Partnership, would enable new opportunities for firms from both countries.

To further facilitate collaboration, the UK India Business Council and their member companies recommend a wide range of steps to be taken. To ensure an investor friendly regime, an easing of the business regulatory environment, through measures such as developing a common duct policy, should be a priority. To take advantage of the vast amounts of data in India that assists so much of the new technology being developed today, data protection laws must be established which will address data privacy issues while allowing for innovation. Lastly, there must be additional focus for the key areas for NTP framework, clarifying certain inconsistent policies and resolving the double taxation issue that telecom service providers face.

These policy changes would not only help India towards their goal of improving the ease of doing business and fulfilling the vision of a ‘Digital India’, but would be crucial in taking advantage of the new wave of emerging technologies, such as AI, and transform the Indian economy. The complementarity of the UK and Indian tech sectors can lead to untapped potential as companies from the two countries take advantage of each other’s strengths. The UK India Business Council will continually strive to push for positive regulatory changes in India that will help both UK and Indian tech businesses.

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