Unlocking India’s E-Commerce Opportunities Part 3


Following the success of our webinars earlier this year, the UK India Business Council (UKIBC) is pleased once again to invite you to the second in our series, sharing the phenomenal opportunities that India e-commerce presents to UK companies, with our industry experts from AdYogi and UKIBC.

We are delighted to be joined by Rohin Mittal, Director & Co-Founder, AdYogi; Anshuk Aggarwal, CEO & Co-Founder, AdYogi; and Kailash Subbaiya, Marketing & Strategies Head AdYogi who will:

  • Examine the scale of opportunity available
  • Share market and consumer insights on a few key sectors/categories e.g. fashion & accessories, food & drink including nutraceuticals, homeware etc.
  • How AdYogi can help UK businesses in gaining traction with Indian consumers by explaining the fully integrated solution they can provide in launching and managing UK brands in India e-commerce

In pursuit of creating a leading performance based marketing solution, AdYogi was established in 2015 with the sole purpose of simplifying digital marketing, automated prospecting, retargeting and cross-selling. Smaller brands can now access the complex technology with a simple user interface expanding the reach of digital marketing avenues.

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Growing at 51%, it offers UK businesses an opportunity to create alternative revenue streams in a ‘digital-first’ entry strategy, or to complement their existing India business by exposing their brand to more than 90% of Indian post codes and drive sales across multiple online channels.

The India e-commerce market is valued at USD 120 billion. Propelled by rising smartphone penetration (760m by 2021), the launch of 4G network, and increasing consumer wealth, the market is expected to grow to USD 200 billion by 2026.


Rohin Mittal, Co-founder & Director, AdYogi

  • MBA from ISB Hyderabad & a Chartered Accountant
  • 10+ Years of experience with ITC in Finance and co-founded Edu Ventures (Education Start-Up).
  • Currently working with 100+ SME’s to provide them constant growth with the help of marketing automation through AdYogi.

Anshuk Aggarwal, Co-founder & CEO, AdYogi

  • ISB Hyderabad , IIT  Bombay
  • 10 Years experience across Marketing  Analytics (Inductis) & Consulting (Booz & Co.)

Kailash Subbaiya, Strategic Alliances & Marketing Lead, AdYogi

  • SRCC Delhi University
  • 4+ Years of experience across Marketing, Business Strategies and Growth.

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