Doing Business in India and China


Find out the amazing opportunities available to UK businesses in two key international markets.


Are you looking to export to India but don’t know where to start, or do you already export but would like to do more?

Join us to discover how India is transforming. Our presenter from the UK India Business Council will cover the current economic growth, the Indian government’s new policies to attract foreign direct investment, and key sectors.

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and the UK is the third largest investor in India. Under Prime Minister Modi, the Indian economy is leading the league of foreign direct investment (FDI). With a number of new measures, the Indian government aims to encourage further foreign direct investment and the ease of doing business.

India is a market which requires patience and a long-term strategy to be successful. This event will provide you with the information and guidelines to help you achieve that success.

Siddharth Mukne, Regional Head – UK India Business Council


For UK businesses new to the China market, it can be hard to know where to start.

China’s economy is changing. The massive growth figures over the last 30 years were built on low-cost manufacturing for export and large-scale asset investment. Since the spring of 2013, the Chinese government has talked about a ‘New Normal’ – slower, more sustainable growth. As a result of this shift, some traditionally strong sectors will struggle and there will be uncertainty. But new opportunities are blossoming.

And now more than ever before, the UK has the kinds of products and services that China wants – including in education, healthcare, professional services, creative and innovative design, advanced engineering – all of which suit the lifestyle of a new emerging middle class in China.

It may not be easy to take the first step into the Chinese market, but any company with an eye on international trade needs to consider ‘What does China mean for me now..?’

Chris Cotton, Director – China Britain Business Council

There will be also be plenty of opportunity for you to connect with the other guests whilst enjoying a delicious lunch. Register your attendance here.

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