UKIBC Doing Business in India Survey 2019

By UK India Business Council (UKIBC)

We are delighted to kick-start the UK India Business Council’s 5th annual flagship ‘Doing Business in India’ Survey 2019.

Our short 10-minute survey digs into the detail of how UK businesses and higher education institutions – such as yourselves – experience operating in India.

So, if you represent a UK business or higher education institution, no matter size, scale, importing, exporting, subsidiary or partnership-building – we want to hear from you!

Please find the survey here deadline Tuesday 15th October for all responses.

Why does this matter?

Your responses reveal the real market access barriers and opportunities that both the UK and Indian Governments should focus on to make it easier to operate in India, and thus grow investment, jobs, and prosperity.

We at the UK India Business Council use your responses (which remain anonymous) to advocate for change at every level of Government, including State Governments in India and through Government-to-Government bilateral negotiations.

This year we are taking this a step further, teaming up with the World Bank to enhance the survey, using the information that UK businesses and higher education institutions tell us to investigate in greater depth where real, meaningful reform can be pursued.

As such, the World Bank is carrying out a series of in-depth interviews with select UK businesses that operate, or invest, in India to get their feedback on the existing regulatory bottlenecks they face across Central, State, and Municipal Governments.

The 2019 edition of our annual report, ‘Doing Business in India: The UK Perspective’, promises to be the most comprehensive account of India’s business environment to date.

We very much look forward to receiving your inputs.

Our 2018 report is available to read here.

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