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India has the third largest internet literate population in the world today and it is estimated that there are over 800 million internet users in India and rapidly rising. Internet penetration in India is currently estimated at 34% meaning that there is opportunity for growth in penetration and usage base in India with the Government’s Digital India initiative. More and more Indian consumers are adopting digital technologies and this opens up a plethora of opportunities in sectors such as finance and banking, retail, healthcare and education. As the Digital India initiative continues to take shape, demand for technology related services such as building the broadband infrastructure, creating identity solutions, payment systems, web or mobile based delivery structures and so on is expected to increase.

The UK has a well-established and dynamic digital sector. In 2019, the digital sector contributed £151 billion to the economy and it currently employs over two million people. In 2021, the UK government announced a “Plan for Digital Regulation” the aims of which are to free businesses up so that they have greater potential to grow their firms, create jobs and increase prosperity. The plan has three guiding principles which are to actively promote innovation, achieve ‘forward-looking’ and coherent outcomes and to exploit opportunities and address challenges in the international arena. The UK government understands the importance of technology and digital innovation to the country's future, and thus aims to support and nurture it in order to maintain and manage the sectors world leading capabilities.

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