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Each year we help thousands of UK companies, from across a range of sectors, understand or access the Indian market. Read some of their success stories to find out how we can help you do business in India. You can access all of UK India Business Council's case studies of companies doing business in India by registering for free.

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Phasix is an established UK based outsource provider of Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) testing services to the semiconductor design industry, trading in many countries. Semiconductor companies regularly purchase these services to qualify the robustness of newly developed packaged semiconductor devices. These integrated circuits or ICs ­ the little black chips that are present in virtually every modern electronic device […]


Bourn Hall made headlines around the world back in 1978, when the genius of scientist Robert Edwards and gynaecologist Dr Patrick Steptoe led to the birth of the first ‘test-tube’ baby, Louise Brown.


Molecular Products recognise the need to have a low risk and cost-controlled entry strategy for India. With many successful market entries under his belt, Ian is very much looking forward to what Molecular Products can achieve in India.

The challenges of delivering any services to India’s teeming population of almost 1.3 billion are as well-documented as they are many – and more so in healthcare. So it’s both surprising and impressive to learn that the country was the first TBS considered, when the outsourced clinical engineering services specialist first looked overseas 14 years […]


We are currently exploring opportunities in a number of international markets. Our successes with the NHS in the UK have provided some great examples of transformational healthcare which we believe can be adapted to any health economy in the world.

Based in Scotland, the company has subsidiaries in Cambridge, UK; Reinbek, Germany and in Mumbai, India; and has a significant presence globally mainly via distribution agreements. Omega has three manufacturing sites in the UK and one in Germany. Omega’s diagnostic kits and systems are found in hospitals, blood banks, clinics and laboratories around the world […]


Polytherics is no stranger to India and has been working with Indian partners since 2005, when it created a partnership with Shantha Biotechnics (now a part of Sanofi) to create an affordable PEG-Interferon for Hepatitis C.


We operate in over 140 countries but our core areas are UK, Europe, USA. Our current focus is on developing in major emerging economies, mainly India and China. We have been selling to India for many years on a very ad hoc basis, picking up orders as they come in and appointing distributors now and […]


ECCRO’s India operational team, trial management staff and support services are located in Mumbai. Apart from clinical trial sites in the metropolitan cities, we also work with hospitals in Indian Tier II and III cities (for example in Vadodara, Pune, Ahmedabad, Lucknow and Varanasi). ECCRO’s site managers are based in these cities and work at […]

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