UK India Business Council supports NPL UK and NPL India to engage with the industry in India

By Gunjan Sharma

The UK’s National Physical Laboratory (NPL) and the CSIR-NPL India wished to interact with a selection of end-users in the advanced engineering and manufacturing sectors from across India to discuss the importance of measurement, product verification, and training in improving industrial competitiveness. Two workshops took place in April 2018. The first workshop was at the premises of CSIR-NPL India, Delhi, and the second in Bangalore at the JW Marriott Hotel Bengaluru. The workshop format consisted of talks, facilitated break-out sessions and round table discussions.

In order to understand measurement requirements in the advanced engineering and manufacturing sectors, NPL UK and CSIR-NPL, India, co-hosted this interactive workshop with industry representatives on ‘Industrial Competitiveness through better Measurement Practice and Skills’. The objective was to understand key challenges organisations face regarding the importance of precise measurements and metrology in product quality, understand whether there are challenges specific to the Indian market, and possible solutions/requirements that will improve quality and productivity.

Besides showcasing how NPL UK has been helping the advanced engineering and manufacturing sectors through its product verification programme and measurement training to address productivity and skills issues for organisations around the world, the workshop also discussed:

• Improving competitive advantage and reducing cost
• Improving measurement capability of an organisation
• Independent advice on measurement best practice and solutions
• Meetings with leading experts from the world of measurement who have implemented measurement solutions in real industrial environments

The role of the UK India Business Council

UK India Business Council’s role involved providing strategic insights to NPL UK on specific sectors and industries in India where precise measurement techniques are key to improving quality. Subsequently, UKIBC identified a list of potential participants to the workshop, identified relevant people within those organisations and ensured their participation in the event. In addition, UKIBC provided suggestions on the format of the workshop, venue and other logistics to ensure maximum participation and success.

Testimonial from NPL

“I wanted to take the opportunity to thank the UKIBC team for the excellent support you provided throughout the project. Your professionalism, knowledge and experience helped us enormously in our first analysis of opportunities for training and consultancy in metrology in India. Without your help and support, it would have been difficult for us to make contact with so many industrial companies and even more difficult to get good people to attend our workshops. Your team have done a great job and my colleagues from NPL have all given a very positive feedback on your work.”

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