As an associate consultant, Oliver worked on projects investigating how data and AI can be applied within the public sector to improve social and economic outcomes. In this role he co-authored a white paper on how data dashboards can improve child-welfare outcomes, and modelled the potential impact of AI on employment patterns within the Mexican labour force as part of the Mexican Government’s first national AI Strategy.

Prior to this, Oliver was a Sabbatical Officer at one of the UK’s largest Student Unions overseeing the organisations communications, commercial and financial activity, and democratic services where he achieved record turnouts at key Union events and elections.

Oliver has recently completed an MPhil in European Politics at the University of Oxford where he specialised in the impact of EU policy on patterns of banking and patient capital. Whilst completing his Master’s degree he was part of an expedition to arctic circle Norway investigating climate change, which presented its findings at the 2018 British Science Festival.



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