IP management strategies when doing business in India

UK India Business Council (UKIBC) |

The UK India Business Council, together with the UK IPO, held a webinar to help businesses understand the challenges surrounding Intellectual Property in India and formulate successful strategies to navigate those challenges.

Foreign companies have often complained about the enforcement of Intellectual Property in India. It has received criticism from American, as well as UK, companies who cite various hurdles which blocks the effective implementation of the IP regime. These include compulsory licensing provision, uncertainty regarding computer related inventions, bureaucratic delays, litigation cost, and backlog.

We were joined by Swapna Sundar, an expert in Intellectual Property in India. She is the Managing Director and CEO of IP Dome Strategy Advisors Pvt. Ltd. As principal strategist of IP Dome, Swapna enables companies and individual inventors to craft and implement strategies to protect and monetise their Intellectual Property. In April 2016 she published a Toolkit and Resources as part of a UKIPO project titled ‘The IP Smart approach to doing business in India’, to guide UK companies to set up businesses in India and safeguard their IP.

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