India’s First National IP Policy announced – what’s new?

Natoya Sylva |

India announced its first ever National Intellectual Property (IP) policy last month. It promised to be a ‘vision document’ creating:

“An India where creativity and innovation are stimulated by intellectual property for the benefit of all; an India where intellectual property promotes advancement in science and technology, arts and culture, traditional knowledge and biodiversity resources; an India where knowledge is the main driver of development, and knowledge owned is transformed into knowledge shared.”

The UK India Business Council and the UK’s Senior Intellectual Property Adviser at the British High Commission in New Delhi, Anshika Jha delved into the national IP Policy content and what it means for UK companies.

Why watch this webinar

  •  An introduction to IP in India.
  • Detailed explanation of the new National IP policy.
  • Analysis of what’s new, why it’s being introduced, and what it means for UK businesses.
  • Audience Q&A.

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