UK India Business Council: Advocating Business Success in 2019

The UK India Business Council (UKIBC) is the premier membership-led group supporting trade, business and investment between the UK and India for a reason.

In a year that took us from the Indian Commerce Minister’s two-day visit to London for JETCO in January to the India-UK FutureTech Festival in Delhi this December via Prime Minster Modi’s UK visit in April, we have connected UK businesses to decision makers, taken down barriers to operating in both countries, and maximised opportunities for our members.

We ask what our members need and advocate for this at all levels of Government to deliver investment, innovation, and economic growth. Through generating thought leadership reports and exploratory networking events, we ensure businesses are connected to decision makers and fully understand the Indian market and the regulatory environment.

Indeed, UKIBC’s strategic work ensures our members, leading UK and Indian business and universities, are better able to respond to oncoming developments, and work in partnership with decision-makers to deliver a better outcome for citizens and consumers alike in both countries.

As we look forward to 2019 where Brexit and an Indian General Election give opportunity to redefine the UK-India partnership, the UKIBC is poised to ensure that businesses can succeed.

This booklet proudly showcases the breadth of advocacy we have delivered for our members and the corporate sector entering and expanding in India and the UK, and outlines our expanded advocacy offer for 2019. At this historic time for UK-India collaboration, our work could not be more valuable.

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*We’ve updated our booklet in May 2019 to make sure it’s as up-to-date as possible and reflects the progress made on our member-lead strategy.

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