From Tour to Trade Mission – UKIBC Promoting UK Food and Drink in India

By mita chopra

Leading up to UKIBC's Food and Drink Trade Mission to the India Food Forum in February, our Food and Drink Specialist, Mita Chopra, tours UK businesses operating in the sector.

Covering six cities and two trade shows, our very own Food and Drink Specialist, Mita Chopra, went on a jam-packed tour meeting food and drink experts across the UK.

This trip was important to ensure that the UK India Business Council is the first port-of-call for UK food and drinks specialists looking to export and operate in India – laying the groundwork for a UKIBC Food and Drinks Trade Mission in February 2019.

In just two weeks, Mita met with five trade associations, eleven International Trade Advisors (including the DIT), and forty-four individual companies building long lasting relationships with trade associations, ITAs, and clients.

Mita’s tour kick-started with a series of successful one-on-one business meetings at the Global Food Forum in Cambridge.

Following the Forum, we were delighted to take part in a networking dinner at Emanuel College, Cambridge, joined by Mr. Sal Hattee, Global Business Consultant with Fortune Gourmet.

Then hoping across the Channel, Mita was in Paris for several days conducting one-to-one expert meetings in the world’s largest food innovation exhibition, SIAL Paris.

Commenting on the wide-ranging tour, Mita said:

“This has been a great opportunity to meet interesting and ambitious companies either already doing business in India or with plans to enter the market. The impact of the UK roadshow has been extensive connecting UKIBC with leading food and drink trade associations in the UK. I believe that as a result of the tour and connections with DIT international trade advisors we are well placed to help UK Food and Drink companies take the next step in India.”



Promoting UK Food and Drink in India

In February 2019, UKIBC will be taking a bespoke Trade Mission of UK Food and Drinks companies to Delhi and Mumbai to attend the India Food Forum and meet key members of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India and the Ministry of Food Processing Industries.

This will be a unique opportunity for UK companies looking to enter, export, or expand in the Indian market to showcase their products and connect with potential importers, distributors, and retailers alongside important government stakeholders.

The Indian food and drink industry, currently valued at GBP 193 billion, is poised for strong growth with a projected CAGR of 19% between 2017 and 2020. UKIBC’s mission aims to ensure UK companies are well placed to understand the Indian food and drink market in depth, better able to identify and evaluate opportunities ,and initiate all important discussions with potential partners.

If you would be interested in joining UKIBC’s bespoke trade mission or are interested in finding out more, please get in contact with Mita Chopra on more details about the mission with a provisional schedule can be found here.

In the run up to the Trade Mission, UKIBC will be hosting a DIT webinar on the Indian alcoholic beverages market – the third largest and one of the fastest growing alcoholic beverages market in the world current valuation at £26.8 billion.

The webinar will be led by Sandeep Arora. Director of Spiritual Luxury Living, Sandeep has over 28 years’ of professional marketing experience and has worked in the past with over 40 global brands, across lifestyle, leisure & luxury segments. He is a certified ambassador of whisky and was instrumental in introducing the concept of Rare Whiskies, in India, in 2003. He possesses deep knowledge of the Indian alcoholic beverage industry and is also the co-founder of Cast Spirit Marketing (CSM).

Open to all UK Food and Drink companies, we hope you can join us for the webinar on the 4th December – registration is open here.

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