Economic Survey 2017-18: Ten New Facts on the Indian Economy

By Rebecca Cayford

The Chief Economic Advisor, tabled the Economic Survey 2018 before the Indian Parliament on the 29th of January.

The Finance Ministry presents the Economic Survey in the parliament every year, just before the Union Budget. It is the ministry’s view on the annual economic development of the country. A flagship document, it reviews the developments in the Indian economy over the previous 12 months, summarises the performance on major development programs, highlights the Government’s policy initiatives, and the prospects of the economy in the short to medium term.

The Economic Survey 2018 cannot be seen as a precursor to the Union Budget 2018. That is, its projections and recommendations might not shape the Budget. However, it has become a treasure trove of insights about the economy, based on data sets not generally available to those outside the government.

Please see below a link to the ten new facts on the Indian economy.

Economic Survey 2017-18 Volume 1 Preface


To view the full Economic Survey 2017-18 please click here

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